What can we tell you about Lorne MacDougall that won’t get us all in hot water? Well, he’s tall, ginger and handsome – the kind of man who could hide in an orange grove – and was born and brought up in Carradale on that bagpiping stronghold of Kintyre. He loves Subway sandwiches and has a penchant for evening walks on Carradale Bay where he . . . Oh, you mean professionally? 

Well, let’s see: he is a three times finalist for the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the year, a nominee for 2012 Scots Trad Instrumentalist of the Year and was one of the first sentient beings (that we know of, from this planet) to qualify with the BA Scottish Music-Piping degree at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. 

And, yes, if you must know, he was the featured soloist at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Prom in the Albert Hall, lead piper in the Disney Pixar movie Brave, Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon 2, red carpet performer at Brave’s European Premiere, Scottish representative for Disney's It's a Small World After All 50th Anniversary, composer for VisitScotland’s recent ad campaign and an onscreen performer in BBC Scotland’s Shetland crime drama. No, he didn’t do it. It was probably the fisherman with the candelabra. 

And did we mention the link to a certain pipe collective known as Red Hot Chilli Pipers? As well as performing with them, well, he only went and co-produced all six of their albums, didn’t he, including the UK Gold disc Bagrock to the Masses – that’s total sales of around 250,000, peoples!

But enough of the job application, already. Sheesh! Isn’t it enough that he’s in constant demand to perform and record with the highest caliber of artists – ranging from a Children in Need single with BA Robertson to a Christmas ditty with the very X Factor’s Susan Boyle? Oh, and more recently provided the pipes for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony?!

When he isn’t strolling along Carradale Bay of an evening, Lorne packs a haversack with spare socks and sandwiches and is off touring Scotland, performing at festivals, including Lorient, Celtic Connections and Cambridge, or releasing CDs, such as his ever-so-popular Hello World. 

Oh, and here’s on for pub quiz fans. Who composed and performed the theme music for Sky Sport’s SPL football coverage from 2009 onwards? And for one point . . . yes, Lorne MacDougall! 

If you need to know more, we’re all out, but why not ask the man himself? If he’s not on Carradale Bay or playing at a president’s inauguration, chances are you can catch him on PlanetPipe, yon online piping podcast he produces and presents.

Latest News

Toothless, Touring and Tannies 

Hello Sun! I'm writing this on a really nice day in Glasgow - although my idea of "nice" is quickly put into perspective after spending the day teaching Skype lessons from people in mainland Europe who were also having "nice" days in temperatures about 15 degrees higher than I was!  I'll take some comfort in thinking that those sort of temperatures are never a good thing for the bagpipes!

It's been a few months since my last blog and I've been involved in some great projects since then including another… Read more

It’s a Small World 50th Anniversary Podcast

I recently got an email with this as a brief;

"We’ll be celebrating the anniversary on April 10 but we’ve already kicked off the worldwide celebration. People from more than 25 countries, including bagpipers in Scotland, Bollywood movie actors in India, a firefighter in New York City, and members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, came together to create a first worldwide “it’s a small world” video."

Well, that was an interesting project to be involved with!  I was asked to perform some pipes for Disney’s… Read more

So long 2013, Hello 2014 

It’s been 6 months since the last new post, and it has been a truly amazing 6 months!

August was, as usual, a crazy month with the World Pipe Band Championships and much more.  But, before that, I was off to Derry to take part in the Derry Feis with the Campbells of Greepe.  It’s the North West’s largest celebration of Irish musical culture celebrating Irish language, verse and drama, as well as the famous Irish Dancing competition and vocal choirs.  We had a couple of events there, including a very wet… Read more

“I wish he’d never discovered that place…” 

Speaking of Victorian Glasgow, I am very glad he did as it gave Doctor Who composer Murray Gold the excuse to take me to London to perform at the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Prom.  I’ve been making Murray aware of my existance as a Doctor Who loving bagpiper for many years now, hoping this unlikely opportunity may arise.  To my joy, after a short spell of logistic and admin organizing,… Read more

Christmas in Spring 

The week after Easter and I’m delighted to be heading over the the Eurofonic Festival in Nantes, France with Mànran for a couple of days to perform on pipes with them. It’s the new A chanter I got from Hamish Moore, and I love it!

Later on in May and I’m excited by a phone call from a well know London musical director. After a good bit of rummaging around the internet and putting 2 + 2 together, I get a few different numbers before realizing that this guy is representing the one and only Susan Boyle! So… Read more



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