“Lorne MacDougall has emphatically announced his arrival on the piping scene, and the world would do well to return the greeting.”
Views from the Circle

“A superb young piper…” “…great variety, great music and an album which will be enjoyed even by those who are usually averse to “the pipes””.
Shreds and Patches

“This collection showcases stunning composing skills and even more stunning fingering, with some tunes becoming veritable blizzards of grace notes – and I fear that some may see the repetition of this device as a hint towards being a one-trick pony. But they would be wrong. Check out the emotion of the Lament For Small Isles Bay, the exuberance of the MoK Festival Reels and the freestyle rendering of There Was A Lad. Perhaps we are seeing not so much a multi-grace-note showing off as the birth of free-form jazz played on the pipes?”
Scots Magazine

“…the synthesis of where pipers in the traditional scene have been taking the music for the last twenty years. It’s a very good place!”
The Living Tradition

“Youthful enthusiasm, enormous energy and inventiveness – this is the future of the ancient pipes secured.”

“…probably the most innovative piper around at the moment… if you only buy one album of pipe music in the next year, make it this one!”
R2 Rock ‘n’ Reel

“MacDougall has a driving style that takes no prisoners.”
Jim Gilchrist – The Scotsman

“…an entertaining and highly musical presence.”
Rob Adams – The Herald

“…so good it will change the minds of pipe sceptics. At turns precise and electrifying.”
OffCentre Reviews

Thumbs up… “Smoking debut album… bluesy slow airs and exhilarating, full-throttle fiery tracks.”

“…brilliantly authoritative piping and lyrical whistle work.”
Sue Wilson – The Scotsman

“… a great musical tour de force, placing that ancient instrument and it’s music firmly into the 2nd decade of the 21st century.”