McCallum Bagpipes; I use McCallum Bagpipes as well as a McCallum Bb Concert Pitch Chanter. In particular I have a set of 2015 Stuart Liddell McRae pipes which I find have a solid tone, tune low on the drones with helps with concert pitch and also look beautiful.

I use G1 Reeds. They give me the flexibility to play with ease in Bb and are consistently exactly what I'm after in terms of pitch and tone.

I've always used Ezeedrone reeds from Pipe Dreams, Glasgow for my pipes. Currently It's a set of increased absorption with an inverted bass.

Blair Tuners - I always have the portable HBT-3 in my maintenance kit as well as having the app on my iPhone for back up. For bigger projects, I use the Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner.

I trust Bagpiper Cases to protect my instruments. Daily use I use the classic case, but for longer tours I will use the Explorer Case or Backpack. I can fit the backpack within another larger luggage which is great for avoiding airline fees. Alternatively, it fits nicely in the overhead locker and there's also plenty of room for my laptop and other essentials.